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Israel Beach - © Ministry of Tourism

Travel star style; perfect for those who are short on time or traveling with kids. Our unique one-day tours cover all of Israel’s highlights and more so you don’t miss out on anything! Read more

Mini Missions | Milestones IsraelConnect your group with Israel’s people and culture the Milestones way. Just tell us how you envision your mini mission and we’ll climb mountains to create an experience of a lifetime. Read more

Family Tours | Milestones IsraelWatch how we connect your family’s interests and passions with Israel, all in one trip. Experience our customized tours diligently designed to meet the needs of you and your loved ones. Read more

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tour | Milestones IsraelDeepen your child’s connection to Israel through our unique Milestone’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah experiences. Take part in our Travel with your Parsha tour or try going off the beaten path. Read more

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1)The Palmach Museum - Tel Aviv , Near Ramat Aviv  What you need to know  - Palmach  - An outline history of the Army background of how Israel military protection has... Read more


The Namal Outside the City Centre of Tel Aviv, closer to the Ramat Aviv area, is the Namal. This is a great area, which offers a quietened down atmosphere where you can enjoy a leisurely afternoon or lunchtime with your tour group or family. It has a few different things to offer. Besides the... Read more


When you are travelling, Museums can really help you grasp and get a better understanding of a country's definition. Everything from history to artwork or something more specific like coins and glass work. However, there are some things you should take into account, especially when in a country new... Read more