This blog will introduce you to Israel and its people through a nontraditional and unique way of travel, Personal Tourism.

I believe that the personal perspective in experiencing a touristic destination is the one that will give the visitor the best memories and understanding of the place and people they are meeting while visiting a foreign country. Israel is a country that “calls” most for a personal experience.

It was Rabbi Jonathan Rodrick that best summed up what Personal Tourism in Israel is all about.

“The only way to have meaningful experience in Israel is to take it personally”

After 30 years of being a tour guide and educator, 10 years of service as a human resources director and 3 years of living in San Diego, California serving as an emissary of the Jewish community, I have come to understand that we experience life through personal stories. In addition, I can match your personal stories to places in Israel to create a uniquely personal tour.

This is where you come in.

“Tell me who you are and I will take you there”  

This blog will tell the stories of people who have traveled with Personal Tourism in Israel and the places they’ve travelled to match their stories. We will strive to tell the stories of people who have followed their dreams and created new sites one can visit and feel the innovation and sense of belonging we have for this beautiful land.

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