From the moment they entered my car, it was clear that this couple is in love. After 25 years together and four kids, he still adores her and she still sees the man of her dreams.

It was a routine tour in Jerusalem with visits to the Arab market, or shuk, the Old City, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher but there was something different in the air that day. During lunch, they shared a story with me that helped me make this trip to Israel more personal for them.

“We just came from Vegas a week ago.” She said. “We renewed our vows and guess who the ‘priest’ was?”

Elvis Presley!   

The ceremony was conducted complete with Elvis love songs added the groom.

“I know a place nearby where can have coffee with the King” I volunteered. ”It’s called the Elvis Inn. I’m sure you’ll like it.”

It is a very unique restaurant and the owner is a great Elvis fan. Every corner in the restaurant is covered with Elvis memorabilia. We enjoyed our coffee in Elvis mugs and an 8 foot golden statue of Elvis welcomed us at the entrance.

I am sure that this lovely couple will remember the feeling of this warm and loving coffee place much better than the facts I was sharing with them throughout the day.

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