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Israel from J to B | Milestones Israel

Creativity is the name of the game. One of the moments I like best about my work is when inspiration hits and the idea is suddenly clear; when I know I will be able to connect someone’s story with the land of Israel on a personal level.

When the CEO of J&B Software, a US-based company, and some of his top managers arrived on a business trip, their Israeli host wanted them to have an unforgettable time.

My preliminary research on their website didn’t bring me any great ideas. Reading their vision and mission statement did not give me any leads either. And then it hit me, that moment of inspiration.

Where can we find J&B in Israel? And I realized that I could tell the story of Israel in J&B.

Israel’s limited fresh water sources are the Jordan and Banyas Rivers.  Between 1964-1967, the tension with Syria was called the War over Water, when the Syrians tried to change the course of the Banyas river.

The Proximity of cities in and out the Green Line is another J&B; Jerusalem and Bethleham.

The narrow “hips” of the map of Israel lay between Jericho in the east and Bat Yam on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Our patriarchs traveled between Jenin and Beer-Sheva.

Even Israel’s variety of cultures can be headlined from J to B beginning with the socialist kibbutzniks (members or kibbutz) in the Jezreel Valley to the orthodox town of Bnei Berak.

The only thing left was to think of an Israeli J&B Gift…

What is more Israeli than Jaffa Oranges or Bamba?

It was definitely an unforgettable visit and the most personal business trip that the J&B software management had ever had. In a letter from their Israeli host, he expressed that “the main difference in this day was the personal touch. You made a deep research of the US Company [and] throughout the whole day it came out step by step, you were full of surprises and they loved it”.

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