Israel is full of hidden gems and this particular one can be found in the northern Negev by the Patish stream. This wildlife center, run by Dan Bolotin and Lilach Levy and their four children, cares for and rehabilitates sick and injured wildlife. While visiting, you could see a large variety of animals, from eagles injured by hunters to jungle cats, lemurs and ferrets.

Dan Dan and Lilach Wildlife Center

The farm is open to visitors but only by appointment. Your visit will include an explanation and stories about the site, a visit to the Patish stream and time with the animals. For those planning a longer stay at the center, Dan and Lilach will organize a bonfire and dinner.

Dan and Lilach have spearheaded a unique project focused on biblical wildlife conservation. Their aim is to breed and release animals into the wild that inhabited the area during biblical times.

To learn more about this hidden gem and other opportunities for wildlife conservation, click here.

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