When I learned that I would be guiding a group of Gynecologists from India, my first goal was to understand the importance of gynecologists in the Indian society. It was clear that the “Personal Tourism aspect” of this tour should be the theme of Creating Life. Israel is an amazing place to experience the full meaning of this value …
On the first day of their tour the doctors, who help people to bring new lives into this world, were exposed to the opposite. Yad Va’shem, the holocaust memorial museum in Jerusalem, shares with visitors the stories of the Holocaust survivors and their struggle to create new life after World War II in the new state of Israel.
I made sure that most members of this group stopped to watch a specific video in the last room of the museum. This video presents an interview with a woman that was liberated from a concentration camp and married another young survivor. When she discovered that she was pregnant, she was in shock.

“I don’t want this child” she cried, “I can’t hear babies crying! I have heard them yelling in the camp. Please Doctor help me! I want to have an abortion. Please Doctor.”
There were members of the group that felt very proud to be someone who helps to create life and bring more babies to this world, a better world.
Throughout the week, Israel was portrayed as a place that helps people to create their lives; Spiritual lives in the holy places such as the Jordan River and the Old City of Jerusalem or economically and socially as we examined the birth of Israel as a refuge for Jewish people
from around the world.
The best example for this theme, however, was to visit the date plantations and orange groves in the Negev and see how something beautiful can be created from nothing.

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