Looking for something to do this holiday break? How about an Eco-friendly tour with us?

Personal Tourism’s Ecotourism will introduce you to the people that are creating the new revolution in Israel: the green revolution.

“If you will it, it is not a dream” -Theodore Herzel, the father of modern Zionism

Ecotourism in Israel

The early Zionist pioneers, the first Jews to return to the land of Israel, used to sing: “O
Israel we will dress you up with a beautiful dress of cement and concrete”. Now, over 100 years later, and more than 60 years after the achievement of their ultimate goal, it is time to stop and look around at what we are leaving for our children. It is the time to preserve and respect our holy—and only—land.

This green revolution is made by individuals choosing to live differently and to make an impact on their immediate surroundings. We invite you to meet the people that make this happen;

Ecotourism in Israel


  • The dance company that moved to work in an artist Eco village,
  • The educational center that was built out of a large pile of garbage,
  • The entrepreneurs that produce gas out of organic dumpsters,
  • The completely organic olive press fed by 200 year old trees brought back to life by locals wanted to embrace their gifts.
  • Isolated farms in the Negev desert.

Our Eco tourism host will accompany you to this visit and will facilitate the communication and better understanding with this phenomenon in Israel

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