Wine has a powerful significance in the Jewish tradition. In many Jewish homes around the world, each Friday night a blessing is said over wine as the Sabbath is ushered in. A powerful symbol of goodness in this land of ours, the land of milk and honey, is two men carrying a cluster of grapes back to the children of Israel in the desert. Even the Israeli Ministry of Tourism adopted this logo many years ago.

Boutique Wineries in Israel

Carmel Mizrachi, a veteran winery in Israel, has used this same story for their logo since 1882. For four decades, this winery led the Israeli win industry with no real competition. Not until the 1980’s, when the Golan Heights wineries began to produce quality wine, was Carmel Mizrachi challenged.

Boutique Wineries in IsraelIn recent years, privately owned estates, people with an incredible passion for wine, have been creating internationally successful boutique wineries. Join us as we travel the country, experiencing through wine. from Chateau Golan in the Golan Heights to the Yatir Winery in the Judean Hills, each winery produces delicious wines with unique flavors.

We invite you to join us in discovering the secret places where the best wines in Israel are being produced every day.


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