Located on the northern edge of the Carmel Mountain, overlooking the scenic Jezreel Valley, stands a boutique winery with a vision unlike any other. The Tulip Winery, in Kfar Tikva, was founded in 2003 by the Yitzhaki family. Fulfilling a life-long dream, they combined their love of wine with a dedication to the community.

Tulip Winery

Photo credits to http://tulip-winery.co.il

Kfar Tikva, or ‘Village of Hope’, is no ordinary community. It is a kibbutz-like community that is home to 200 developmentally and emotionally disabled adults. It is a community that allows its residents to develop and realize their full potential and capabilities. It provides people with a variety of employment options, leisure activities, cultural outlets and opportunities to integrate into the community at large. The Tulip Winery is one such example of an employment option that pride’s itself on the work done by the residents of Kfar Tikva.

Black Tulip Wine and winner of Do Not Label

Photo credits to http://tulip-winery.co.il

A wonderful example of the efforts made by this small boutique winery to include the community was the ‘Do Not Label‘ project. This social initiative called for residents of Kfar Tikva to send in drawings as part of a contest to create a new ‘label’ for their leading wine. The ‘Do Not Label’ project was created out of the belief that labels should be put on wine and not on an entire population. The winner was a talented artist with Down Syndrome from the Akim Association.

The Yitzaki family’s focus on community involvement and the highest quality of wine production has led them to be considered a rising star in the Israeli wine industry, selling more than 100,000 bottles of wine each year, both in Israel and internationally.

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