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The Shuk Experience | Milestones Israel

Jerusalemites have Machane Yehuda and in Tel Aviv, the Carmel Market. The Ramla/Lod Market has become a brand of it’s own and moves from city to city.

A day in the Israeli markets (shuks) will treat you to an extravaganza of colors, tastes and smells of seasonal fruits and vegetables straight from the fields.

Vendor in Machane Yehuda, Jerusalem

Throughout Israeli history, the market has been a place to get a feel for the current political agenda. To this day, political leaders visit the markets before election day to hear what the locals have to say.

With Personal Tourism, you can experience the wisdom of the vendors, the philosophy of everyday life, and learn Hebrew expressions that you’ll only hear in the market place. Speaking with the various vendors, you can learn of wonderful family stories, of a business that has been passed down through the generations and see the influence of their countries of origin.

In addition to the freshest fruits and vegetables,textiles, jewelry and  shoe and clothing designers can be found hidden in the nooks and crannies of the market.

Mostly, make sure you try all the foods with strange names, like shesik, smell the fresh za’atar and cumin as you walk by the spice stall, or listen to the oil bubble as fresh falafal balls are being made.

Throughout history, Israel was located on the Spice Route, from Arabia to Rome. The benefits of this history can be felt every day in the Israeli market place.

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