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January 2012 - Milestones Israel

Cooking with the Bible

Located in central Israel, on the road that links Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, is the scenic Biblical Landscape Reserve of Neot Kedumim. This beautiful park is the only biblical landscape reserve in the world and it allows you to see and experience the land as it was 2,000 years ago. Walking through this post-card worthy […]

Beauty, Technology, Co-Existance...Haifa

Whenever I visit Haifa, I always like to start my site-seeing at the top of Mount Carmel on Yafe Nof (Hebrew for ‘Beautiful View’). From this beautiful road, the entire city opens up with unfathomable beauties. The natural bay sparkles in the Mediterranean sun and I love to gaze at the ships anchored in the […]

The Same but Different

This week, Gabriel’s Bar Mitzvah ceremony allowed me to experience the uniqueness of the Jewish people in a way I could never have imagined. Last Monday was a cold and rainy day in Jerusalem. After a few sunny days and wonderful adventures throughout the country with the Jacobs family;  After exploring Masada, visitng the Golani […]

Amos Levitov on Faith, Love and Hope

This evening I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Amos Levitov. He was speaking at a nearby college and it didn’t seem like an opportunity I could pass up. But who is this guy? In October 1967, Amos was drafted into the Israeli Air Force. He spent two years in flight school before becoming a […]

Dialogue in the Dark

“Only with the heart can one see right.” – Antoine de Saint Exupéry, The Little Prince. This afternoon, I found myself at the children’s museum in Holon. We had tickets to a special exhibition called ‘Dialogue in the Dark.’ I had no idea what to expect and so was a little baffled when a guide […]

A Family Reunion to Remember

Is there any better place to have a family reunion than Israel ?! I can’t imagine one. This is a place for all ages, for adventure or relaxation. Most of all, Israel is the perfect place to tell your children the stories that are passed from generation to generation (Dor le Dor) in a joyous […]

Tel Aviv - The City that Never Sleeps

Tel Aviv is often described as the city that never sleeps and not without reason. When I was young, I spent many nights enjoying this amazing city on the Mediterranean. I used to love dancing in the modern clubs at the Tel Aviv Port or sharing a drink with friends in the south Tel Aviv […]

A Sport for every Fan

Israeli sports have come a long way in the last 64 years. Israeli athletes are competing worldwide in every sport. Soccer is definitely one of the most popular sports in Israel. Our little country is even represented by players in some of the most successful European teams, such as Yossi Benyoun who currently plays for […]