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A Sport for every Fan | Milestones Israel

Israeli sports have come a long way in the last 64 years.

Israeli athletes are competing worldwide in every sport. Soccer is definitely one of the most popular sports in Israel. Our little country is even represented by players in some of the most successful European teams, such as Yossi Benyoun who currently plays for Arsenal.

Sienna plays Football with the Boys and Girls Team of Yeruham

Sienna plays Football with the Boys and Girls Team of Yeruham

There is Lee Korzits who recently won her 2nd world championship in windsurfing and is an Olympic hopeful for London 2012. The sport of tennis is represented by the talented Shahar Pe’er. Or former Maccabi Tel Aviv player, Omri Casspi, who became the first Israeli to play in an NBA game. He was initially drafted by the Sacramento Kings and currently plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The biggest Israeli pride is, undoubtedly, our basketball team Maccabi Tel Aviv, that has brought home 5 European champions.

And the Israeli sports fan is one to watch. As anywhere else in the world, sporting events reveal a lot about the local culture. Our host will take you to any sporting event that you wish, and will give you the right guidelines to fit in with the crowd. He can help you understand not only what is happening in the field, but the stories of rivalries and history.

Israeli sports also have an interesting twist: an Israeli’s preference of sports teams usually indicates his/her political views. For example, a fan of soccer team Beitar Yerushalayim is likely to believe in right-wing politics.

Israel is an idea location for any outdoor activity. We can take you to the best spots for golfing, biking, running, kayaking, hiking and whatever else you choose.  Past customers have enjoyed playing soccer with local youth teams or national ice hockey matches. What sport will you choose?

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