Is there any better place to have a family reunion than Israel ?! I can’t imagine one.

This is a place for all ages, for adventure or relaxation. Most of all, Israel is the perfect place to tell your children the stories that are passed from generation to generation (Dor le Dor) in a joyous atmosphere.

Lipshes Family Reunion in Israel

During the Sukkoth holiday in 2009, I had the pleasure of leading a large family reunion for the Lipshes family. This amazing family survived the Holocaust before spreading around the world across three different continents. Now, 61 years after their parents survived the camps, it was time for the cousins (most already grandparents) to pass on their heritage to their children and grandchildren.

63 relatives from across the globe came together in Israel for a reunion. With ages ranging from 9 months to 91 years old, it was such a pleasure to share this experience with the Lipshes family.

The family adventure began in Jerusalem with activities like touring the city, planting trees and enjoying a wonderful lunch in Ein Kerem. Throughout the visit, we went to Abu Gosh, Yad Vashem, Masada and Tel Aviv. I do not have the words to express how I enjoyed watching this family reunite, listening to their stories and sharing their Israel experience with them.

Lipshes Family Reunion in IsraelClick here to see the video we created after the reunion.

Click here to see the website Amit Lipshes created for his family reunion.

Click here to plant a tree in Israel.

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