Whenever I visit Haifa, I always like to start my site-seeing at the top of Mount Carmel on Yafe Nof (Hebrew for ‘Beautiful View’). From this beautiful road, the entire city opens up with unfathomable beauties. The natural bay sparkles in the Mediterranean sun and I love to gaze at the ships anchored in the port, trying to distinguish each national flag hanging proudly at the top of their masts.

Haifa's Baha'i Gardens

Theodore Herzl, the bearded Hungarian Jew and great visionary of the Zionist Movement, had never been to Haifa. Yet, in his book, Alt Neu Land, he described it so vividly as the exact view that I see when I stand at the top of the city. It is simply amazing how dreams become reality with persistence.

Beauty and aestheticism was always one of Haifa’s main characteristics and charms. This city attracted the peaceful and artistic Baha’i religion. The Baha’i gardens, beginning in the German Colony at the bottom and ending at Yafe Nof, decorate the mountain slopes with their symmetry, amazing variety of lush plants and the golden dome of their shrine.

It is often said that Haifa has the most beautiful girls in Israel and it’s no wonder! They have this gorgeous city to inspire them!

But the beauty of this city on the northern coast isn’t its only attraction. Haifa is a major center of of technology and research, attracting international giants such as Intel and Google!

In addition, Haifa is a wonderful example of religious co-existance. Within the borders of the city one can find Muslims, Christians, Baha’i and Jews of every denomination living peacefully, side-by-side.

With the sea decorating the west, a lush forest to the east and a sparkling bay to the north, technology, religious co-existance and a fascinating history, this little city is not to be missed. Let us take you to Haifa and discover the many wonders that are waiting to be found!

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