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Cooking with the Bible | Milestones Israel

Located in central Israel, on the road that links Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, is the scenic Biblical Landscape Reserve of Neot Kedumim. This beautiful park is the only biblical landscape reserve in the world and it allows you to see and experience the land as it was 2,000 years ago.

Walking through this post-card worthy escape, you can pick the fruits of the seven species, make olive oil, herd sheep and goats and draw water from an ancient cistern.

There are a number of activities available at Neot Kedumin. You can participate in Jewish heritage programs, Christian programs, Interfaith Bible tours, leadership activities and my personal favorite, cooking with the bible!

Cooking workshops are best with groups and can last anywhere from 3-6 hours. This unique experience allows you to experience daily life in ancient Israel with your hands and your stomach.

As you walk through the park, your guide will tell stories and share facts about the plants and animals around. Every once and a while you will be asked to pick off a branch from a plant (to use for lunch later on). You will make homemade za’atar (hyssop) with a mortar and pestle and roast kernels over an open fire to enjoy the ‘fast food’ that Boaz offered to Ruth as she gleaned the grain fields. You can cut a fig branch whose sap will curdle milk for your cheese, gather plants to make a delicious salad and make fresh pita bread over a fire pit.

This is a truly unique experience and one of my absolute favorites. Let us take you to Neot Kedumin and spend the day living biblically!

Click here for more information on Neot Kedumim.

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