For as long as I can remember, coming to Israel meant shorts, tank-tops, bathing suits and LOTS of sunscreen. This past week, however, we’ve seen the colder side of things. After some crazy winter storms that knocked over trees, and shut down public transportation,  pictures are emerging all over the internet of our little country covered in snow!

Snow in Jerusalem - Photo by Olivier Fitoussi

I may not love cold weather, but seeing Israel under a blanket of white is a stunning scene. And because this is such a novel experience, it is pure joy to watch the Israeli people step outside and enjoy the flakes falling from the sky.

So now the snow has come, what do you do? If you’re in Jerusalem, just head outside and have a snowball fight. But if you’re in the north of Israel, the place to be is Mt. Hermon.

The Hermon, found in the Golan Heights, is the tallest point in Israel. Mount Hermon is 2,814 metres (9,230 feet) above sea level. They get snow nearly every year and have a ski resort for all you winter sports fans. And the views and scenery just can’t be beat!

While you’re there, you can stroll over to a spot of tremendous biblical significance at Har Habtarim on the slopes of Katef Tzion. According to tradition, this is where G-d promised Abraham that He would give the land to his descendants. An ancient tomb marks the spot and huge oaks grow next to it.

At the end of the day, no doubt exhausted from all the adventure, I recommend an amazing cultural experience and one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had. On your way out, visit the village of Ein Kinya and the Druze Hospitality Center. Learn more about Druze life on the Golan while enjoying delicious Druze pita with labaneh (a sour white cheese) and warm up with a cup of coffee.

Meanwhile, enjoy the snow everyone!

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