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Be My Friend, Be My Brother | Milestones Israel

Last week, I experienced 5 minutes of pride and joy that are absolutely immeasurable. My son Nevo, at 11-years-old, shared the stage and a song with Netanela, one of Israel’s great voices of the 1970’s.


Netanela performs as a soldier

The song they performed together, in front of an audience of 800, was written by Yoram Taharlev a few short weeks after the Yom Kippur War. The song speaks of the special friendships that develop in times of war.

This unforgettable evening was the climax of a year-long project at Nevo’s school. This project, dedicated to Yoram Taharlev, aimed to enhance the children’s connections with the country through his songs.

Yoram was born on Kibbutz Yagur, on the northern edge of Mount Carmel, 60+ years ago. He penned more than 1000 songs, creating an incredibly account of Israel’s life. He wrote of the beauty of this land, the hidden springs, biblical scenery and life on the kibbutz.

You can ask any Israel who Yoel Moishe Solomon is and they will know thanks to Yoram’s song about the founders of Petach Tikvah. With his vivid imagery, he described the ambiance of the orange grove during the 1967 battle at Ammunition Hill. Through his words, you can smell the fields after the rain and feel a sense of honor for the pioneers of this land. The language he uses is simple and it goes straight to the heart.

In an evening sponsored by Israel’s radio station ‘Reshet Gimel’, more than 100 children performed for Yoram Taharlev. But of all these young performers, it was my son Nevo was achieved the great honor of singing a duet with Netanela.

Here is an attempt to translate a few lines of this amazing song:

“In this place I am walking towards
There were people long before me
They left a path
They left  a tree
They left a direction
and me?
Do I leave anything behind?
I can see my footsteps x2
And who is going to see them tomorrow
Be my friend
Be my brother
When I need your helping hand
Be there for me
This friendship that we had
Will be there long after me
This friendship is long lasting”

Nevo and his friends enjoyed a wonderful evening but the values that Yoram Taharlev will leave behind will stay with them forever.


Nevo performs ‘Be My Friend, Be My Brother’ with Netanela

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