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Running Tel Aviv | Milestones Israel

Milestones Israel is all about creating a personal connection with Israel. Our goal is to ‘break the aquarium glass of the minibus’ and let visitors get to know the country in a way that is more meaningful to them.

Running Tour of Tel Aviv

It’s been my dream for years to guide someone through Tel Aviv on a running tour. So when I got a call from Geri (originally of San Diego) and he expressed his love for running, I knew exactly what to do.

I recruited my friends, Roni and Naomi, who also happen to be iron men to run with him. I, myself, am not an Iron Man so I drove in a car from place to place, meeting them to explain what they were seeing. In total, the running tour covered 12 km.

We began in Jaffa and they ran through the American Colony, Neve Tzedek, Shabazi, Rothschild Blvd., HaBima, Dizengoff and finished at the Tel Aviv Port.

In the afternoon, I heard that Geri rented bicycles with his wife and son and guided them through all the places we had been that morning. It was such a wonderful way to connect his love for running with his love for Israel.

And without further ado, I present Geri, Roni and Naomi on their running tour of Tel Aviv.

Neve Tzedek

Running through Neve Tzedek

Herzl Avenue

Running down Herzl Avenue

Dizengoff / Ben Gurion

At the Corner of Dizengoff and Ben Gurion

Tel Aviv Boardwalk

Taking a Break on the Tel Aviv Boardwalk

Tel Aviv Port

Tel Aviv Port, at the end of a GREAT run through the streets of Tel Aviv

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