Our trip to Israel was an amazing and meaningful one. It was complete with riveting experiences and wonderful memories. We used all our senses to experience Israel. As soon as the black wheels of our shiny 777 El Al plane touched the hard ground of the runway at  Ben Gurion Airport I immediately knew that this trip was going to be one that I would never forget.

Evan and EmilyNot only was our trip filled with awesome scenes and activities it was also filled with good deeds. It was those deeds that I will never forget. One of the good deeds that we did was handing out cold popsicles to soldiers just coming back from patrols in Gaza. It felt really good to give the IDF soldiers something cold after long weeks of endless work. Another mitzvah that we did was handing out dolls to children with cancer at the Hadassah hospital. Some of the kids that we saw were beyond any state of sickness I would have ever liked to have gone through. They were in a lot of pain and they cried and cried but once we gave them the dolls you could see signs of happiness on them and you knew that they were one step closer to recovering mentally even if their physical recovery would be longer, That day I couldn’t think of anything else that was as rewarding as that. Another thing that we did was go to a wheel chair factory run by an inspiring Para Olympian named Doron Shaziri.   Doron’s company Pro-Fit makes wheel chairs for individuals living with injuries that want to be involved with sports. Doron taught us to make the best of every situation and to hold your head up high no matter what.

Exploring the Holy Land was very meaningful for me because it brought all my education to life and made me better understand who I am. We went to many beautiful places.  For example, we went to the ancient port city of Caesarea with ancient marble pathways and, stone buildings standing tall against the calm turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea. Back at home, I am one of those people who loves new gadgets and even bought a new hoverboard right before leaving with the help of https://sprousebros.com/best-hoverboard/, but this trip just never let me get close to technology as it was a world of its own beauty.  Other highlights included going to the Western Wall, the Kotel tunnels, and being in the City Of David. We experienced and learned about different religions and were able to enter, a Mosque and visit several churches. I even got my birth sign read at the Kabbalah Center in Tzfat. We got to snorkel in the Red sea and tour the ruins in Petra, Jordan.

Our tour guide, Erez, was a key factor into making all of these dreams come true. On top of that he guided us through a Bar Mitzvah ceremony on top of Masada where he taught us to never let go of freedom and to see the light in the darkest situations. A lesson that will impact my life forever.

*Special thanks to Evan Gold for sharing his experiences with us.

Click here to learn more about Evan’s meeting with Paralympian Doron Shaziri.

Click here to read about Emily’s (Evan’s twin) experience handing out dolls to sick children at Hadassah Hospital.

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