My milestones are the milestones of Zionism. This picture was a new year’s greeting sent by my Grandparents, Moshe and Rachel Strasburg in 1931 to all their relatives that remained in Poland.

Members of their generation were not better or smarter than us, but more innocent and motivated in the best sense of the words. They established a village in Emek Hefer and sired three daughters and a son, my late father Nahum, may he rest in peace. They picked oranges and grew herbs all their lives.

It’s true that we no longer need to drain the swamps, but we do need to worry about this place, to ensure that this country continues to be a magnet for all who love her.

This is our role. To build technology, education, maintain good relations with the nations of the world.

We, at Milestones Israel, do all we can to create a personal connection between the people that come to this amazing little country. So that each and everyone of us can have our own piece of Israel.

From us to you, may you have a happy holiday and healthy new year.

Shana Tova from Erez and Milestones Israel

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