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The Evolution of Personalized Travelling | Milestones Israel

The world of Travel and Tourism is an ever-evolving world and consistently changing to fit the travelers needs…we are constantly looking for that cutting edge factor, something a little bit different, something that stands out more , something else to tell people about back home, there is always just something extra that a traveler needs to make their journey complete.Israel is not just your average holiday destination. Regardless of whether it is your 3rd trip or your 20th trip, it is still Israel and there is plenty about coming here that is special already. Across the world in other countries, a more personalized tour might not be so beneficial… unless you have routes there ,or some special link to that country, having it specially catered to you as an individual is probably not the best way to spend your time there.
A tour with Milestones Israel is catered, designed,specified entirely upon the individual group/person visiting. Just you or your family as individuals are the priority. Not a whole tour bus with 49 other tourists.When participating in a Milestones Tour , before you arrive, research will be carried out to help connect you to the country itself. During your stay you will be taken on a journey of self discovery for you and whoever else you may bring. Its Milestones’ way of reconnecting you in a new way , to the country but also to your family and yourself.

So , where is the evolution of Personalized Travelling going? Already I am starting

Jerusalem Menorah at the Knesset

Jerusalem Menorah at the Knesset

to see an unbelievable change in the tourism world where it always amazes me how far the people of this industry are willing to go to put the wow factor in it. Milestones Israel is designed for everything you have been looking for and if you are wanting to find your way home to you  – the do it in Israel…with Milestones.

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