An incredible story and person which I met when at a convention in Tel Aviv recently, was a Chabad Rabbi,who participates in an idea that took my mind by storm.

Volunteers who come and work to help (even Tourists are open to this opportunity) and donate their time by helping to process food stables such as Chickpeas and other dried goods.
This event is completely free of charge, takes 90 minutes to complete and is available from everyone aged 8-80, so really there is no reason to not get involved!
Its a heartwarming event to take part in and is really an experience that is something to tell the world about,especially back home,where you may find, that an activity like this, so generous, will shock people, whereas in Israel, Mitzvot like these are carried out on a daily basis and is even growing, as an activity to do in your time in Israel, particularly in Jerusalem where Chabad is based.

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