This week for the first time since my stay in Israel ( I have now been living here for 6 months) I managed to get round to visiting the Art & Craft Fair in Tel Aviv. Its right beside the Carmel Market Shouk , on Allenby Street, on a Tuesday and also a Friday , from 9.30,  until 4.30.Best time ( especially for a blogger or if you want to capture some personal information about the artists) is to go first thing in the morning, when you can avoid all the rush and overwhelmed tourists.

I too was overwhelmed at this event. I decided right away I will be visiting again and again, as I didn’t get nearly as much as I wanted to in the amount of time I spent there.So this post is focused on Tueti art & designs  – what I can summarize is , it is basically “ART WITH COINS”.

Really it depends how much of your time you have spent in art fairs and how much you have seen in the past. With a small amount of my time here I haven’t had that much time spent seeing Art. I walked up and down the full stretch of the market before I noticed a guy chiseling away at something which I couldn’t even see because it was so small. Turns out it was a coin. Then I began to look at what was on his table. There were coins from all over the world. What caught my attention the most was the 20 pence coin from the UK, where it was the queens head with space around her head all chiseled and gone. It was made into a necklace , as an elegant piece of his jewelry collection for display.Something so simple that we spend or collect every day lying in your purse or wallet and it has been made into a fine piece of jewelry , that everyone would ask about. It’s amazing for me to see that something so basic such as coins can be turned into something you wear as jewelry.

Below is his Facebook Page. I have yet to return to the Art Fair  – Nachlat Binyamin – and find out more about this skilled artist.



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