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Is tourism in Israel a safe experience? | Milestones Israel

So, you have made the decision to come to the Holy Land – Eretz Israel – Great you are one step closer to having an amazing experience of a life time, and you will have lots to tell your friends when you get home and take some beautiful pictures too. What happens next is very interesting. For your Jewish friends, they will understand, ask where you are visiting when you will be there – and the usual questions just like any other trip…when do you return etc.

And then you tell people at work, or your non Jewish friends…perhaps in a casual conversation. They already know you are Jewish. There was always a possibility that you would visit Israel. So when you announce you are coming here for a trip , why all this curious, anxious,negative feedback? They already knew it was always a possibility, something that would crop up at some point!

Well apart from the obvious points, yes Israel is on the news a LOT, yes we know what is happening here, and yes we have major security overload like no other country in the world. We are entirely aware of this when visiting or booking a trip here.

So back to the main question. How safe is it to come here as a tourist. In all fairness tourists are living the most secure and safe experience that the average Israeli isn’t even exposed to. You will be staying most likely in a hostile environment outside of your room. With questions asked every time you enter and exit the hotel building, handbag inspections every time you enter shopping malls, banks , train and bus stations, and lets not forget about the airport experience like no other.

360 degrees of  your body is inspected in a radar type machine that will pick up on anything remotely suspicious. the airport staff ask every question under the sun with every reference to weaponry imaginable.

You are even told to make space for extra time for checking in because it will take more time.

Once you arrive,you are on very safe ground as everywhere you go is this consistent suspiciousness of every person on the street. Your experience as a tourist will be very safe – no doubt about it. You will be visiting standardized tourism districts and landmarks that have overwhelming popularity with tourists from all over the world. Personalised Tourism is one way of prioritizing your worries. It allows for you to be that little bit more careful every time you are out.

When you are in Israel and their happens to be some “event” occurrence whilst you happen to be visiting, the smartphones will be out ASAP examining the news and apps of Jpost  alerts will be non-stop. This is for your own benefit. Better to know everything than not knowing anything.

So to summarize – YES it is a safe experience when you are touring Israel, your tour organisation/company/guides make it their priority. Israeli’s are known for their standardization of security,  even though the non Jewish people of this world are hasty about your trip, you shouldn’t be


Security in Jerusalem - IDF

Security in Jerusalem – IDF

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