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Klezmer Festival in Tzfat | Milestones Israel
Once a year in the hidden away town of Tzfat/Safed/Tsefat there is a festival which attracts thousands upon thousands of visators, guests and locals to swarm there for the amazing event.
Generally it is based on an authentic Russian style of music, and having been there several times  – not just to Tzfat, but to the festival too, I am going to give you an description of not just the event itself but most importantly the atmosphere…
This time of year it is on is August 18, 19 and 20, and despite the fact it only lasts a few days it totally takes over the tiny town of Tzfat. I remember the first time I saw it , i had never seen Tsfat quite like it ever again. There were crowds everywhere, people pitching tents on every street, families subletting their houses for these nights, overwhelming amounts of tourists flocking the streets, absolutely nowhere to sit and huge amounts of cheering going on for every performance.
In Israel it is well known that there is quite a big Russian community, you could almost consider it as one of the top 3 or 4 spoken languages by a lot of people.
Because of this – Tzfat attracts not just Russians, but Israeli’s and also tourists too are attracted to this amazing event. It only lasts a few days, so you should definitely make the most of this festival and be there as much as you can to absorb the full atmosphere.


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