Two very different stories have happened in Israel over the years, both of which include 3 very similar factors- 


  1.  Both from Sephardi Backgrounds
  2. Both events happennd around Purim
  3. Both girls went from a quiet life to being Princesses


The Facts – 

1928 -Tzipora Tzabari  –  From a Yemiite Background Tzipora  rode her donkey and cart to deliver milk to the rich families of Tel Aviv in order to support her family , she entered a competition to become Tel Aviv’s “Queen Esther” and won.

2013- Yityish Aynaw  –  She has lived in Israel since she was 10, when she was orphaned and went to live with her grandparents in Israel. She entered a Beauty Pagent, won and even met President Obama in one opportunity

Within about a 90 year difference, Israel is still the country full of opportunity. As we approach this years Purim on the upcoming weekend, we all prepare our costumes, our treats for the kids and the events coming up. 

Princess Esther was and still is comparable to the youth of Israel today. We have had several success stories of the young women of Israel becoming quickly famous in the world of Hollywood.

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