An amazing idea,story,product that I only came across on coincidence.After visiting the Art Fair in Tel Aviv last Tuesday Nachlat binyamin, and returning back home, my roommate told me of a company or organisation called “rockets into roses”.An amazing idea which I will explain in a nutshell but really worth visiting their website to get the full idea

So basically, from the rockets which fell a few years ago, a man who was simply a welder , blacksmith , came across the idea of making something destructive into something beautiful. He was handed the remaining pieces of metal from the rocket by the police near the area. He then decided to make them into several different products…necklaces, menorahs, and other jewelry, all of which are limited additions to state the obvious, it was all made from the same event and the same rockets.

Wait  – it gets better. A portion of the money which he receives from this, he contributes to building into above ground bomb shelters in the Ashkelon area…my roommate told me this and I could not believe what an idea had come into this world, partially shock, and also awe too. I decided on the spot it was 100% worth a blog and as I would like to stress point  – all of it is limited(we can only hope it stays that way) so please visit their website to find out more. There is even a video of how they make the products.

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