Today the event of Purim has begun…the streets are covered with children on their way to school in costume, all the stalls in the markets are outselling their costume accessories, and those in the city will not be able to pass through without being aware that something is going on today.

Purim celebrates the story of Esther in the Torah…and for the festival of Purim , we can celebrate it in so many different ways, in Israel however, Judaism has been completely modernized and only a small essence of the origin of Purim is captured.

The costumes are the main aspect and the highlight for children and those of us still ready to celebrate such an event. We also share “Mishloach Menott” which are goodies you share with friends on Purim. In addition to all of the above, another activity is of course to eat hamantaschen…which are customized to look like Haman’s ears(the villain in the story of Purim) which are triangular pointy shaped biscuits with a filling of jam or sometimes chocolate.



And lastly…the most important of these customs is to drink and drink until you cannot tell those in costume from those dressed normally…even those more orthodox celebrate by drinking themselves into deliriousness.

Enjoy this holiday as much as possible, it is one of the most commonly celebrated event in the world of Judaism, and should be done with high spirits, just like the story of Purim itself.

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