Within Israel , more specifically the inner city of Tel aviv, is a lot of opportunities to make your Israel Travel experience more personalized. One of the most popular and effective ways of doing this, is by spending some time volunteering. I mentioned in a previous blog, the Chabad pantry packers, where we received much feedback and requests to get involved.  Recently with my program we were given the opportunity to participate in volunteering with the Sports Center for the Disabled , in Tel Aviv…check out their website – http://www.israelparalympics.org/en/about.asp

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The sports center for the disabled, is an opportunity to really value your time here in Israel , and contribute to something off the beaten track, at the sports center, it has a few known successful highlights, mainly that you can participate in the wheelchair basketball events, which allows you to either be included in their teams, or if you are in a large enough group yourselves, you can use the facilities and the court to play against each other Especially if you have younger travelers in your group , this is something that will really open them up and help them to appreciate something which they may not be able to experience back home


Lastly I will briefly mention that some of the past participants we were told have participated in Paralympics! This really opened me up and made me more determined because it made me realize how something so unique can turn into something so successful…

It really is an amazing opportunity and you should miss out.Milestones Israel is a special tour group based in Israel. Our specialty is personalized tourism and making tour groups allow to see Israel from different angles..

We look forward to hearing from you.

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