One of the most hidden gems, and one of the most unique cities to visit whilst in Israel is Tzfat, Whilst you are here, you should make it your priority , to visit at least one of the beautiful synagogues. The Ashkenazim synagogue is one of the finest to see whilst you enjoy your visit, and has never failed to keep me intrigued. I have been here with several trips and tours, and each and every time I  visit there are more and more things that I learn. Being an Ashkenazi jew myself , it appeals to me even more as it was always something that is in each of the route of every person. The synagogue is located near the lane with art stores and kabbalah centers so it is in the very heart of Tzfat. The tour and view of the synagogue is short and sweet, but plenty to take in as you can view synagogues in a totally different perspective from how you would see them compared to the ones back home. It has the enchanting essences of antique and beautiful embellished pieces to keep you intrigued. It is a vital part of visiting Tzfat and should be on your list of sites to see without a doubt.




At Milestones Israel, we give you the opportunity to help you create a personalized tour of Israel. A one day tour of Tel Aviv is an essential part of your trip as Tel Aviv is one of the major cities here that holds so much to offer, and Nachalat Binyamin is just one of these vital places.Day tours with Milestones Israel is one way of doing this, by sampling what we have to offer , within just one day you are able to see so much. With guided tours, lead by Erez Strasburg , our founder at Milestones Israel , you will be taken on a hand in hand tour showing you every aspect of the places of your choice. Our tours are even privatized, so that you can spend your time in Israel with your families and friends in a more intimate way with your own special times together.

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