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The Carmel Mountain | Milestones Israel

Up Above the Kinneret lies the Mount Carmel , One of the most essential sites to visit on your trip to Israel is the Carmel mountain…based in the merkaz (center) of Israel , and looks over areas such as Haifa, and the Kinneret water, with amazing views and a walk that is one of a kind.

I have been here several times with several tour groups and every time I do it , it is different. It depends on what kind of hike you prefer, I am usually one to say I prefer something downhill, however the Carmel Mountain is different, in that, you usually start at the top and walk down. The walk down is truly fascinating – with a mix of edgy rock climbing, (there is metal handles and ropes to hold on to), for those of you that are adrenaline junkies , this is definitely something that should be on your to-do list.
With amazing Views and some beautiful sites to see, you will be coming back home with some exquisite pictures.

At Milestones Israel, we give you the opportunity to help you create a personalized tour of Israel. A one day tour of Tel Aviv is an essential part of your trip as Tel Aviv is one of the major cities here that holds so much to offer, and Carmel Mountain is just one of these vital places.Day tours with Milestones Israel is one way of doing this, by sampling what we have to offer , within just one day you are able to see so much. With guided tours, lead by Erez Strasburg , our founder at Milestones Israel , you will be taken on a hand in hand tour showing you every aspect of the places of your choice. Our tours are even privatized, so that you can spend your time in Israel with your families and friends in a more intimate way with your own special times together

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