1) Carmel Market -The only thing you need to know about the Carmel market is that you must visit it. You simply cannot visit a city like Tel Aviv and not see the Shouk. There is a lot to take in in the short amount of space that the market covers. You will be entirely overwhelmed by the atmosphere. Markets/Shouks always have this atmosphere different from your average shopping experiences worldwide.There is always the pushiness of the workers trying so hard to make a sell – so now imagine your standardized market Balagan with Israeli  essence combined…right in the heat of competitiveness of it all..

 2) Nachlat Binyamina – This is an Arts/Craft Market, right beside the Carmel Market. What you need to know – It is only on twice a week, on a Tuesday and on a Friday, from 9.30 until 4. A word of advice- go early in the morning. It will be less busy so you can enjoy it at your leisure and also , the artists will not constantly be competing for a sale. Later on in the day it is really buzzing and although it has a great atmosphere, there is a lot to take in , and you can only fully absorb it all when you do it at your own pace. Amazing uniqueness with stories behind each artist, so be sure to allow yourself enough time to quiz them about their background inspiration.


 3) Jaffa Port – The Jaffa Port is probably one of the most popular attractions to go to. Very popular with tourists all over the globe and there is something that meets everyone’s tastes. From past experiences, every time I go I find something new. From being offered cardamon coffee at a Yemenite jewelers, to watching all the brides and grooms having their pictures taken in crowds of tourists, to the markets selling everything under the sun, unlimited time should be spent here. Plus there is some amazing restaurants across the sea front that definitely should not be missed out on.

4) Eretz Yisrael Museum and Planetarium – There are a number of museums to spend your time exploring in Tel Aviv,however if you have a limited time to spend here, there are a few to make a priority. The Eretz Yisrael museum, will definitely require a full day of your time. one way to describe it , is that there are “mini” museums in a large garden area, plus the planetarium. The planetarium has shows on twice a day , between 11.30 and 13,30. Be sure to ask in advance for your own language. Allow yourself plenty of time to explore and you will get the full benefit. These other little museums, have a lot to take in for you, and in order to nourish your curiosity and feed your mind with Israel’s history, this museum requires your full attention so be prepared to be amazed.

5) Diezengoff & Allenby  & Azreli Centre- The most central shopping areas in central Tel Aviv. If you have a hidden shopaholic within you , then yes, some “rationed” time spent shopping here will do no harm. There is plenty to feed your shopping appetite, with unique styles to each of these. Diezengoff is generally a large shopping center, plus a long street with markets dotted along the way. Think of it as regular shopping with an essence of Israeli spiced flavor.  Allenby Street is focused mainly around the Carmel Market, but bare in mind that there is still some more shopping to see there, and it gets quieter in this area, so the pressure to haggle and buy isn’t quite so fierce.20140402_142046

Finally the Azreli Centre. Three tall office buildings with an attached shopping mall at the bottom. Sure you can do all your shopping here, with westernized civilized normality, but the benefit of going here is the opportunity to go to the top and get an amazing view of the City. For 15 shekels and before 4 pm , you can elevate to the top and admire the view.

6) The Namal – Located near the Ramat Aviv area of Tel Aviv, is the Namal. Bare in mind to check out the other blogs which give much more information about the Namal. Generally it is a great place for lunch or some picturesque views of the ocean without having the more hustle and bustle of the main beach in Tel Aviv. Here it is a little more relaxed, and very calm with again some shopping and also some people decide to do their fishing here. In addition to this, it is considered a very romantic place, as you wander over the bride you will notice the padlocks intertwined on the metal…a tradition all over the globe, but yet in somewhere like Tel Aviv, this was a surprise to find.IMG-20140122-02454

7)Neve Tzedek – Absolutely 100% do not miss out on this. I was completely astonished by the beauty of this place hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. Here is where you will find some exquisite artwork and architecture, some very stylish shops, with little cafes and restaurants dotted along the way. It gradually leads you to the old train station and then to a courtyard, again with the brides and grooms having their pictures taken, which contributes to everyone being bewildered by such an amazing and beautiful place.

 8)Blind Museum – Holon – Again, Yes there are many museums to see in Tel Aviv ,but this has its own level of uniqueness , something that I would recommend for the whole family. It is a chance for the youth of today to realize what  the blind go through every day. Even for myself it was such a grasping experience, emotional but also fascinating. Again, allow plenty of time to see this.

9) Diasporah Museum – Again , you should allow yourself plenty of time to really absorb and soak everything up that this museum has to offer. It has a lot to offer , everything from models of ancient synagogues from everywhere on earth, to tracing your own family tree. In addition to this , there are temporary exhibitions (so do some research in advance) . When I visited there was an exhibition of the history of Jewish bridal gowns. Really intriguing and something entirely unique that you will not find anywhere else.


 10) Independence Hall – The independence hall is something which a lot of tour trips offer. It is something vital to Israel’s history and the routes of Israel independence in Israel as a united nation. It is such an essential part of this country that anyone who wants a full well rounded knowledge of the country’s background, this is well worth a visit. Especially if you have children or teenagers with you, this is something that can explain a lot , and even for adults to, for perhaps the people who need a good basic background of knowledge about how our independence began.



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