The Namal
Outside the City Centre of Tel Aviv, closer to the Ramat Aviv area, is the Namal. This is a great area, which offers a quietened down atmosphere where you can enjoy a leisurely afternoon or lunchtime with your tour group or family. It has a few different things to offer. Besides the beautiful sea views, there is a small shopping area, and a bridge with “Love Locks”.


IMG-20140122-02419 IMG-20140122-02393 IMG-20140122-02382

Ideally if you are looking for some tranquility in such a eventful city then this is an ideal place to visit. In addition, it also has a sizable playground that can keep the kids entertained for enough time for you to enjoy the beach and shopping. Its a different atmosphere the main Tel Aviv beach areas, as it is much quieter and gives you the opportunity to still get some really beautiful views.

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