1)The Palmach Museum – Tel Aviv , Near Ramat Aviv

  •  What you need to know  – Palmach  – An outline history of the Army background of how Israel military protection has evolved, everything from before Israel’s Independence to how the IDF started. Available in multiple languages…book in advance and don’t lean against the walls too much! A lot of the videos are displayed on sheet type curtains!
  • Review - Great for all the family…VERY informative and really good if you haven’t got much knowledge on this kind of topic. Personally it was ideal for myself…I had very little knowledge on this and it gave me a great grasp on such an important milestone for Israel’s background.Great for kids too…everyone really can enjoy it and take a lot from it …
  • Summery - Definitely should be on your bucket list, either on things to do in TLV or on your museums priority list. This is something essential to know if you want to get to know Israel…and thoroughly giving you a background of knowledge in a concise format.

2)Blind Museum – Holon – Outside of Tel Aviv

  •  What you need to know  – Reserve time to get here …but well worth the wait. Organization in advance is essential. Language barriers are a dilemma and you need to book specifically to hear it in your language so make sure to do so. Great for kids, it gives them the opportunity to learn so much about the disadvantages that so many adults go through on a daily basis, and really this is something so unique to their experiences… not too time consuming, it lasts roughly an hour and it was worth every minute. All of the guides are also blind so the experience which you gain from this is amazing. I was truly emotional afterwards and it gave me a lot to think about.
  • Review - 100% definitely go! you really will not get an opportunity like this to do it anywhere else! At least not in Israel anyway! Great for all the family as previously mentioned. Be prepared to become emotional afterwards and honestly…it was one of my favorite places to go. Essentially it wasn’t what I was prepared for at all. The shock factor that we were lead by a blind person made it so much more worthwhile
  • Summery – Do NOT miss out, this is something this town of Holon is famous for, even when chatting around to other tourists in Tel Aviv you will notice how much this museum crops up .It is a definite place to go and you will really be missing out if you do not visit.

3)Diasporah Museum – Tel Aviv, near the University 

  •  What you need to know  –  Located on one of the university campuses just outside the city center of Tel Aviv,  – again make this a priority.No need to book in advance unless you are wanting a guided tour(recommended but you can still do it yourself, the guided tour has its advantages, giving you plenty of background knowledge, but having experienced it both with and without a tour-guide, for me personally I found that it didn’t give me the chance to see all of the displays and was a little rushed. Having said that  – you want to grasp the outline basics of the best parts, then yes  – go for an organised guided tour) . One other essential point to mention! – At the end of the tour , you will see some computers clogged by tourists. Wait for your turn…these computers have a genealogy program where yo get to track your very own family tree!
  • Review – Regardless of whether or not you are a museum fanatic, this is something for everyone. Part of your Judaism knowledge rests here. Without a doubt something to talk about and convince everyone to come here. Every moment I was here I was intrigued greatly about what they had for me to see. Worth every penny, and also , another word of advice – allow plenty of time for here, its a very populated museum and if you go at peak times it will be much more time consuming so bare that in mind.
  • Summery - Don’t stand or walk around with your camera in front of you the whole time! – you will severely miss out on so much to take in! Focus on everything around you, allow lots of time and soak it all up. Well worth every penny and well worth a visit!

4)Eretz Yisrael Museum & Planetarium – Tel Aviv , Ramat Aviv 

  • What you need to know – I must stress this – Allow an entire day for your time here. Call in advance to ensure the planetarium will be in your language , and also find out if there are any big tours. If there are , then visiting on that day is simply not an option. The planetarium itself will take about 2 hours, and is on at very specific times. In the time before and after, you will wander around this amazing and intriguing place taking in so much information, and exploring an enormous amount of knowledge that simply you will not find anywhere else.
  • Review A basic idea of what is here, is “mini-museums” of everything from coins, to stamps to telephones ,to postboxes to glass work plus a specialized display which changes every few weeks. If you are eager to get a really big based knowledge background on almost everything  in Israel’s history, this is somewhere to start. A very time-consuming place to see. If you are going to visit -be aware of that. It gives you such a large amount of knowledge and truly is overwhelming
  • Summery - Overall , personally it wasn’t for me, and not what I was expecting. I would definitely recommend it to first time tourists of Israel, or tourists who have done their research and this is something you specifically want to see. However the planetarium was something that I thoroughly enjoyed, but the rest was very time-consuming, and really, even a day was not enough time to take it all in. So be aware of this, and make sure you know what to expect.

5)Yad Vashem – Jerusalem

  • What you need to know – Again this is a place to consider – with or without a tour guide. The first time I went we only stopped here and there, viewing the items that our guide thought would appeal to us. As we walked through the museum we past so much that I wanted to find out about and a guided tour is simply not giving you the opportunity to do so. Milestones’ specialty is to provide you with personalized tourism. Erez our founder takes everything into account and based on your own personal preferences will help you to make the most of this.
  • Review – Without a doubt overwhelmingly emotional. This is something you really need to take into account and be prepared to reflect on afterwards. It is important that kids know the history of what Judaism has been through but also what they are taking in here. Sure- it is a great and informative experience, but consider who you are going with and if it something they can handle…
  • Summery - Well worth your time and a visit – Our outline of personalized tourism is that whatever you do and see here is for you and your group are wanting. It is essential to know about and to pass on to the youth of today. It is something vital and also such an emotional experience so be prepared for it.

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