Meet Our Team

Erez Strasburg


Fusing his 25 years of professional hospitality, educational and tourism experience with his love for people and Israeli culture, Erez Strasburg is the backbone of the Milestones experience. Adored for his quirky personality and admired for his passion, Erez notes the purpose of Milestone’s is to “find the connection between our guests and Israel.” Expertly customizing his tours to suit each guest’s needs, requests and passions, Erez is well known as one of Israel’s most flexible and creative tour designers. By bringing the concept of a ‘personal touch’ to Israeli tourism, he has succeeded in changing the way guests experience the holy land.

Iris Katz



Born in Kibbutz Ein Gev on the Sea of Galilee, Iris now lives in Pardesia with her husband and three children. Her love for travel was spurred early in life, inspired by her father. Though her career developed in a different way, Iris always remained a fervent traveler. Living in Germany for several years, she and her family spent their weekends and vacations touring southern Europe – often taking the back roads into the countryside and up the mountain trails. In 2008 Iris transformed her love for travel into a profession by becoming a certified travel agent. Apart from her work managing logistics & operations at Milestones Israel, Iris  is also a travel advisor for individuals and families specializing in Bavaria and south of Germany.

Nili Molvin


Nili Molvin

Born in Israel and raised in Northern California, Nili returned to Israel in 2006 to study and experience the country as an adult. Shortly after her arrival, she was invited to a Shabbat meal with Erez Strasburg and family. 6 years later, Nili happily took the post of marketing Erez’s unique personality and phenomenal tours with the Milestones Israel blog and various social media outlets. In her free time, Nili enjoys cooking, exploring the country and spending time with Morris the cat.


Yaron Shelef


Yaron ShelefDiscovery addict, Yaron Shelef is our resident Northern Israel expert and a certified tour guide since 2007. His fluency around the back roads of the North makes each tour with him a real adventure. Having traveled the world, culture by culture, Yaron has seen it all. Only upon his return home did Yaron realize that Dorothy got it right – there’s just no place like home. Now he share’s with others what ultimately brought him home – the people, history and culture of Israel. Born and raised in Israel’s North, he lives with his wife on a kibbutz situated in the slopes of the Golan Heights Mount Bental’s ancient volcano. When Yaron is not hosting, you can find him in his 4×4, kicking up dust exploring the wild of the North.

Tova Saul


Tova SaulMaster of her craft, Tova Saul is a natural tour guide, practicing for over 20 years. An expert on the backstreets of Jerusalem, she is fortunate to have the Old City’s tour sites “in her back-yard.” A stellar networker, Tova focuses her career on developing connections with fascinating locals in order to provide guests with a unique tour experience. “I have strong friendships among a kaleidoscope of personalities, including a flamboyant gourmet chef who has traveled India 19 times and sells her homemade Kahlua recipe, a molecular biologist who is now a popular lecturer on Kabala, and a Harvard graduate who is the “Lucille Ball” of the neighborhood. These are just a small sample of the fun people I know who enjoy having my tourists drop in.” Tova’s passion is to learn what makes her guest tick. Tell her you want to sit in on a Yeshiva’s Jewish philosophy class in English; she’ll take you there. Ask her to organize a Shabbat meal at an Orthodox home; she’ll set it up. Whatever your passion, Tova can make it happen. On her free time Tova is an avid animal rescuer and one of the few people who can raise a kitten from birth.

Jacklin Eshaya


Jacklin EshayaOriginally from Bulgaria, Jacklin moved to Israel as a child and took to both the land and culture almost immediately. With over 12 years of practicing tour guiding, Jacklin experiences each one of her tours, as if it was her first time. “I just can’t get enough of Israel’s beautiful landscape, history and culture. Each time I’m out in the field I experience something new and exciting, whether through a guest’s suggestion or one of my large network of locals ideas.” A nature buff, Jacklin loves to take her guests to the most exquisite and hidden scenery’s throughout Israel. A long time resident of Kibbutz Daphne in the Galilee, Jacklin is knowledgeable on both the history and fun activities of the North, including horseback riding, rafting and jeep treks as well as which wine vineyards are best to unwind in at the end of a long day. Jacklin is also a talented pianist and an avid social activist.

Eden Geva


Eden GevaEdan has traveled the world for six years. Spending this time abroad has made him a seasoned traveler. When touring with Edan you will benefit from a lifetime of outdoors experience which he has gained through involvement in kibbutz agriculture, military service and as a devoted national parks ranger. Edan has studied extensively the history, folklore, theology, culture and heritage of  the Land of Israel. Such a blend of understanding that Edan Geva holds will guarantee an ideal, enjoyable and beneficial tour.