Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tours

A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is the most meaningful spiritual time in a Jewish adolescent’s life. Our tours work to enhance this momentous occasion through unique experiences that deepen your child’s connection to Israel, while showing them the time of their lives. Let us work with you to plan a once in a lifetime experience that will remain in your celebrating child’s heart forever.  To view sample itineraries of Milestone’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah tours, click below.

Our visiting Bar and Bat Mitzvah boys and girls love to take part in our Travel with your Parsha Tour. Our hosts study the chosen Bar/Bat Mitzvah Parsha and plan a tour that connects its values to your child’s Israel experience. For more information on Milestone’s Travel with your Parsha Tour, contact us below.

Celebrating your second child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel? Want to try going off the beaten path? We plan tours that combine community volunteer and outdoor adventures with just the right amount of leisure and quality family time. Planting trees in the North, exploring the Ramon Crater in the Negev’s wilderness and eating a homemade meal in locals homes is just a sample of the things we can plan. Have a specific idea you’d like to discuss for your child’s upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Contact us below.

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    Our tours are all custom built for you. See below an example of past tours tailored to the specific requests of each Bar/Bat Mitzvah family.

    Jessi’s Bat Mitzvah Tour

    Bat Mitzvah Concept: “All girls” trip, Bat Mitzvah Parasha Pinchas.

    Milestone’s Experience Highlights:

    • Dedicate day to brave women in the Parasha who demanded their rights from Moses.
    • Discuss Hogala in the Hefer Valley, Hana Sensh in Caesarea and Sara Aharonson in Zichron Yaakov.
    • Climb Mount Meron to experience overcoming difficulties.
    • Spend two nights in Rosh Pina, a magical town Jessi wrote a school paper about back in the third grade.

    Roey’s Bar Mitzvah Tour

    Bar Mitzvah Concept: To reconnect Roey with his Israeli roots and experience a fun, active journey.

    Milestone’s Experience Highlights:

    • Visit old Haifa neighborhood where Roey’s grandfather built a home out of an old ruin.
    • Pick fresh oranges to experience grandparent’s lifestyle in Israel.
    • Reunite at the Technion, where Roey’s parents met and fell in love.
    • Hike from the Mediterranean to the Sea of Galilee, while reading chapters from Roey’s grandfather’s personal journal depicting his escape from Europe in 1948.

    Yael’s Bar Mitzvah Tour

    Bar Mitzvah Concept: Treasure hunt in search of family milestones.

    Milestone’s Experience Highlights: Yael leads family down a path of riddles and unique events to discover family history including:

    • Train station his grandparent guarded.
    • Clean a forest; mitzvah project.
    • Walk the old Jerusalemite neighborhood where Yael’s parents met.
    • Carry a 200 years old scroll, passed down in the family, to the Western Wall.

    Milestones offers a variety of transportation options:

    • Milestones jeep (up to four passengers)/li>
    • Milestones van (up to 6 passengers)/li>
    • Milestones mini-bus (up to 17 passengers)/li>
    • Rent and drive your own car/li>

    Milestones cares for all your accommodation needs:

    • Hotels (3 to 5 stars)
    • Apartments (Simple to Luxury)
    • Tzimmers (Cabins)
    • Camping

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