Pay it Forward

This blog is dedicated to a very special family in Kansas City, Kansas. Alvin and Sharon Cohen, this one’s for you! The seed for Milestones Israel was planted exactly 30 years ago, in June of 1982. I was in Overland Park Kansas at the home of Sharon and Alvin Cohen and their 3 children; Brant, […]

Wine Tours with Personal Tourism

Wine has a powerful significance in the Jewish tradition. In many Jewish homes around the world, each Friday night a blessing is said over wine as the Sabbath is ushered in. A powerful symbol of goodness in this land of ours, the land of milk and honey, is two men carrying a cluster of grapes […]

Hello world!

This blog will introduce you to Israel and its people through a nontraditional and unique way of travel, Personal Tourism. I believe that the personal perspective in experiencing a touristic destination is the one that will give the visitor the best memories and understanding of the place and people they are meeting while visiting a […]