Family Reunions

Milestones is your way to connect your family heritage with Israel, while enjoying a fun-packed adventure in the holy land.  Hold a family reunion in Israel to enhance family relations between second and third generations from all over the world, while deepening the understanding of your family legacy. Milestones works with all members of the extended family to create a unique experience that ensures the story of your ancestors will never be forgotten.

Sharing experiences, planting trees together and learning firsthand the amazing stories and history of your extended family is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. We begin by creating a Facebook page or website to connect the younger generations with all family members. To view sample itineraries of Milestone’s Israel family reunions, click below.

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    Lifshes Family Reunion

    64-person family living across four different continents to spend four-day family reunion in Jerusalem. Grandparents were uprooted from their homes during the holocaust.

    Milestone’s Experience Highlights:

    • Plant trees in the Aminadav forest near Jerusalem.
    • Pray together at the Western Wall.
    • Moving ceremony in Yad Vashem, holocaust memorial.
    • Fun kids activities on the lawns of the Kibbutz hotel.
    • Design a family tree together.
    • Story sharing session.

    Wise Family Reunion

    Family separated in 1920 when several brothers traveled to America in search of a better future, while others to Palestine to fulfill their Zionist dream. 90 years later their descendants come to Israel to reunite.

    Milestone’s Experience Highlights:

    • Wise’s reunite with their Israeli relatives throughout Israel including:
      • Kibbutz Afikim near the Sea of Galilee.
      • Ein Yahav south of the Dead Sea on a farm.
      • Tel Aviv night of fun.

    Milestones offers a variety of transportation options:

    • Milestones jeep (up to four passengers)
    • Milestones van (up to 6 passengers)
    • Milestones mini-bus (up to 17 passengers)
    • Rent and drive your own car

    Milestones cares for all your accommodation needs:

    • Hotels (3 to 5 stars)
    • Apartments (Simple to Luxury)
    • Tzimmers (Cabins)
    • Camping

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