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Give your family the gift of a lifetime – a fun-filled adventure to Israel infused with unique educational activities and leisure time. Milestones specializes in creating customized family tours to provide exceptional and meaningful experiences for each member of the family. We make it our business to speak with everyone in the family about their expectations, including the little ones, to make sure we get it right. We design your trip around the needs of your family, maintaining the  flexibility you need when traveling with your loved ones.

Milestones connects each family member’s passions and interests with Israel, all in one trip. Imagine a tailored Jerusalem scavenger hunt featuring your child’s Hebrew class lessons. Or a family journey back in time to capture a grandparent’s personal story with the holy land. In which ever way you want to experience Israel, Milestones is your vehicle to connecting your family and values together. Click below to view sample itineraries of Milestones family Israel experiences.

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    The Weiss Family

    “We are a fun, high energy and active family. Our kids  enjoy animals and sports, specifically hockey.”

    A personal request: to visit the grave of a Canadian boy who volunteered to fight in Israel’s war of independence. Mr. Weiss researched and wrote a book about the brave boys life.

    Milestone’s Experience Highlights:

    • Hike in the Magrase River, near the Golan Heights.
    • Sleep in a Bedouin tent.
    • Bike riding near Sde Boker.
    • A night in the Alpaca farm; kids play with animals.
    • Jeep rides in the Golan Heights.
    • Watch hockey game in Metula.
    • A short memorial ceremony for Canadian boy, who lost his life for Israel.

    Watch the video summary.

    The Garson Family

    “We visit Israel all the time. We want our three children, Nadiv, Lillian and Dalia to experience something out of the ordinary.”

    Milestone’s Experience Highlights:

    • Creative ‘Name Day.’
    • Begin day in “Ramat Ha’nadiv,” the most beautiful gardens in Israel, maintained by the Rothschild family.
    • Visit Zichron Yaakov; share story of famous Bentwiche family and Lillian Friedlander, who inherited the” Lange Mansion” and turned it into a music hall.
    • End day in Druze village of Daliat el Carmel; enjoy Druze meal and stories in private home.

    Milestones offers a variety of transportation options:

    • Milestones jeep (up to four passengers)
    • Milestones van (up to 6 passengers)
    • Milestones mini-bus (up to 17 passengers)
    • Rent and drive your own car

    Milestones cares for all your accommodation needs:

    • Hotels (3 to 5 stars)
    • Apartments (Simple to Luxury)
    • Tzimmers (Cabins)
    • Camping

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