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Enjoy traveling Israel and spend quality time in groups of families and friends the Milestones way. We build your arranged group a customized itinerary – including the right accommodation, transportation and scheduled free time to balance your desire to be together, while enjoying a professional host.

We speak to each group member to understand individual goals and expectations. Then we create a unique social, educational and leisure experience to match your group’s desires. We know that different age groups have unique interests and wishes. That’s why we offer teenagers the opportunity to travel in parallel itineraries with their own personal host.  To view sample itineraries for group Israel experiences, click below.

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    A Group of Intellectuals…

    Catherine made up her mind to bring her intellectual Paris friends to understand what Israel is for her.

    The group consisted of three doctors for an organization name Doctors of the World involved with saving people’s lifes around the world, an Armenian film maker, a French activist in the ecological party. It was a mixture of Jews, Christians and Atheists all together, some who had been to Israel more than once some who have never been.

    • Nazareth and Capernaum.
    • Tzfat, the city of Kabbalah.
    • Wine tasting at the Dalton Winery.
    • Bedouin village of Tuba Zangeria for an introduction into Minorities in Israel
    • Kibbutz Hukuk, to see a community of young families who are trying to create an ecological future for their kids.
    • Armenian monastery.
    • Rest and relaxation at Dead Sea.
    • Dinner in the Port of Tel Aviv.

    Milestones offers a variety of transportation options:

    • Milestones jeep (up to four passengers)
    • Milestones van (up to 6 passengers)
    • Milestones mini-bus (up to 17 passengers)
    • Rent and drive your own car

    Milestones cares for all your accommodation needs:

    • Hotels (3 to 5 stars)
    • Apartments (Simple to Luxury)
    • Tzimmers (Cabins)
    • Camping

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