Again Masada will not fall – The Abele's Story

Whenever I bring visitors to Masada I ask them: ‘What is Your Masada?’ What is most important to you in your life?  What will you never, under any circumstances, overlook or wave aside? The most common answer I get is: “my family, my children…” This week I once again had the opportunity to experience Masada with […]

The Trip of a Lifetime

Our trip to Israel was an amazing and meaningful one. It was complete with riveting experiences and wonderful memories. We used all our senses to experience Israel. As soon as the black wheels of our shiny 777 El Al plane touched the hard ground of the runway at  Ben Gurion Airport I immediately knew that […]

The Same but Different

This week, Gabriel’s Bar Mitzvah ceremony allowed me to experience the uniqueness of the Jewish people in a way I could never have imagined. Last Monday was a cold and rainy day in Jerusalem. After a few sunny days and wonderful adventures throughout the country with the Jacobs family;  After exploring Masada, visitng the Golani […]

A Family Reunion to Remember

Is there any better place to have a family reunion than Israel ?! I can’t imagine one. This is a place for all ages, for adventure or relaxation. Most of all, Israel is the perfect place to tell your children the stories that are passed from generation to generation (Dor le Dor) in a joyous […]