The Milestones Israel experience from our clients perspective


Dear Erez and Milestone’s staff,

It was the summer of our daughter Sienna’s bat-mitzvah and we decided to plan a family trip to Israel. Our friends recommended getting in touch with Milestone’s for a tour and so we did.

After speaking with Erez from Milestones for a few minutes, we realized this was not your typical commercialized tour company. He asked us lots of questions to figure out how he could create a unique tour for us. We told him our family is pretty sporty; our daughter plays football and in general we like to hike, do water sports, etc.

We were shocked when Erez suggested he organize a ‘sport day’ for Sienna with an Israeli football team. Sienna was ecstatic when she heard she would get to play football with an Israeli team!

We did other amazing things like a family picnic on a desert mountaintop and a surfing day on the Tel Aviv shores. Of course, we also saw all the sights we wanted to see in Israel too.

What stood out for us was the way Erez really went the extra mile throughout our trip to make it very personal to our family. We really feel like we connected with the land of Israel and can’t wait to come back to travel with Milestones again soon.

Thank you Erez for a wonderful experience.
The Mark Family – UK


Dear Erez and Milestones staff,

I want to write a quick note and let you know how thrilled our US guests were with their Milestones experience. It was important that we make a good impression and your tour was the highlight of their trip to Israel! The great effort you put into making sure everyone would be comfortable and find a way to connect in his or her own way to the holy land is much appreciated. We can’t wait to share the same experience with our Australian visitors this coming winter.

Thank you again for adding that ‘personal touch.’  It truly makes all the difference.

Ido Shekter, CEO of Tom Image System Ltd.- Israel


Dear Erez and Milestones staff,

Michael and I decided to celebrate our one-year anniversary with a trip to Israel last spring.  We are both Jewish writers from California and were looking for a bit of an adventure on this trip. We wanted to identify ourselves with the Israeli people and culture and hopefully have something to write about after.

We came across Milestone’s website and really liked how they talked about our trip as an experience, rather then just a tour. Since we had both traveled Israel before, we weren’t looking to visit the typical tourist hot spots.

On the phone, we were quizzed about what we wanted to get out of our experience. Milestones then planned for us the perfect holiday in Israel. Here’s a little glimpse into our trip:

I love to cook and always wanted to learn how to make a traditional Israeli meal. Luckily Michael loves to eat and was happy to join our one on one cooking class with an Israeli chef on an organic farm up North. Of course, I took notes and now I’m making falafel and Labaneh at home like a pro!

Throughout our travels, we asked our host to introduce us to different members of Israeli society so we could begin to understand the different communities and Israeli culture. He introduced us to tons of different types of people and I was very impressed by how far reaching the Milestones network was.

It was a very eye-opening trip and we got more then enough material to take home with us to write about. We both left with a feeling that we truly understand Israel and it’s people better then ever.

Thank you for the opportunity to travel Israel ‘our way’. Now I truly understand what you mean by the Milestones experience.

Laura and Michael Stark- California


Dear Milestones,

Our group tour last fall is still on our mind and close to our hearts. We made such good friends on our trip and we are even still in touch with the wonderful Ben Zvi family, who hosted us on the horseback riding tour in the Galilee.

We were a little nervous before arriving in Israel, since we’ve never taken a group tour before. But I am happy to tell you with great pleasure, that it was the best experience of our lives. You really managed to take the entire groups interests and combine them into a fantastic experience.

Not only did I visit all of the places I wanted to see in Israel, I also did things I never would have dreamed of. I was sure I would be terrified to swim with Dolphins, but to my surprise I loved it! And my husband certainly never thought he would learn how to bargain with the pros in the Jerusalem market, but he actually learned how to ask for a discount. I even catch him trying to bargain with the salesman in Best Buy now!

We truly had the time of our lives and would recommend Milestone’s to anyone who wants a truly authentic experience.  We value very much the friendships we’ve made and are looking forward to coming back to Israel ASAP!

Thanks again,
Barbara and David Stern – Arizona


Dear Milestones and staff,

Awesome and powerful images of your Grandparents!!  Thank you so much for sharing this with us.  Avril and I were literally just talking about you yesterday.  As our summer now comes to a close and the kids start school, we are reflecting back on our incredible experience in Israel.  The summer moved so fast that we only now are truly able to step back and recall what a wonderful adventure that was… an unprecedented and blessed opportunity to learn about ourselves, our family and our heritage and history.

Thanks again for the unique role you played in that experience.  Your passion and knowledge made a connection between our family and Israel that we would never have experienced otherwise.  From the Tel overlooking the battle between David & Goliath, to Beit Guvrin, to Ayalon, to the B’nei Mitzvah project at the army base, to the deep history en route to Masada… and Masada itself.  You made it come alive, Erez!

A Milestone, indeed, for both your family and ours.



Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Dear Erez,

On behalf of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, I would like to thank you for providing excellent tourist services at our 41st Annual Board of Governors Meeting.

The registration process was run smoothly and efficiently, both prior to and throughout the events. The individual itineraries of our guests were well planned and organized, and I was especially impressed by your ability to accommodate the variety of travel dates, transfers and personal requests involved.

The program for the optional trip to Mitzpe Ramon was original, interesting and offered our guests a unique Negev experience. Your knowledge of the area and personal rapport with the group created an enthusiastic and enjoyable atmosphere.

We received positive feedback from our guests on all the services provided  The combination of your professionalism, accessibility, and amiability unquestionably contributed to the overall success of this year’s Board of Governors Meeting.

It was truly a pleasure to work with such a capable and talented team.

With sincere thanks,

Nina Perlis
Director, Department of Public Affairs
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev



Dear Erez,

On behalf of all the members of the American Association of Pediatric Urologists, please accept my sincere gratitude for your hard work in organizing the recent International Symposium of Pediatric Urology held in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel.

We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the physicians in our organization regarding both the scientific quality of the conference as well as the tours of your lovely country.

The tours in particular were highly successful and very well-received. This is a testament to your passion and energy as you guided us through Jerusalem and the countryside. In addition, thank you for your flexibility in allowing a small group to spend an additional day around the beautiful Sea of Galilee.

Thank you again for arranging an outstanding meeting in a wonderful setting. My colleagues join me in proposing that this endeavor be repeated again in the future.

Sincerely yours,

W. Robert DeFoor, MD, MPH
Secretary-treasurer AAPU

Eugene Minevich, MD, FACS
President AAPU