This is my first trip to Israel. What do I need to know?

Recommended minimum time to experience Israel Two nights/three days – See the highlights of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the Dead Sea. Six nights/seven days – Experience more then just a taste; spend two nights each in Tel Aviv, the Galilee and Golan Heights and Jerusalem. Best time of year to travel: Israel’s unique climate makes […]

How does Milestones design a personal tour?

We are people’s persons and love one on one conversation -so don’t be surprised when we give you a quick call to get acquainted. Once we’ve gotten to know you a little bit, we’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to identify what will make experiencing Israel unique to you. We’ll research your specific needs and requests and […]

Where did the name Milestones come from?

We chose the name Milestones because we create unique experiences that achieve the personal tour goals of our guests. In addition to hosting guests who have come to Israel to celebrate various Milestones, we aim to create an experience that becomes a milestone for you.