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From Culture to Country in Under an Hour - Israel Day Trips

Israel is a small country. At it’s narrowest point, it’s a mere 9 miles wide and yet, it is a place of amazing variety, with globally unique contrasts. On a recent day trip to the north of the country, I had the distinct pleasure to enjoy the best of what this little country of ours has to offer.

Salvador Dali Self PortraitWe began the day driving up the beautiful coastal highway with clear blue skies above and the sparkling Mediterranean waters to the west. Our first stop was the Haifa convention center and the extensive visiting collection of Salvador Dali’s work.

Following the exhibit, we drove up the coast to one of my favorite ‘shipudim’ restaraunts (traditional middle eastern food with kebab, chicken, hummus, salads, etc.) further up the coast line. Maxim’s is right off the main road, boasts an amazing view of the sea, and serves the best hummus with ful (broad beans) I’ve ever had. Stuffed with hummus and shipudim, we took a quick detour to the stunning Bahai Gardens before driving inland to the picturesque Moshav Zipori.

What we found when we arrived was a zoo of newly born animals. Spring was certainly in the air on that day! At the Rish Lakish Olive Press, animals are abundant with cats and dogs running around and a pen with chickens, bunnies, guinea pigs, and even a goat. For the animal lover (like myself) it was a little piece of heaven. A litter of a half-lab puppies, 9 in total, had been born a month earlier. They are looking for loving homes so send a message if you’re interested. 3 baby chicks had recently hatched as well but the real joy was a little kid (goat) born the day before. Having been a bit of a runt, he was being bottle fed until he was strong enough to eat from his mom.

We began our day in Kfar Saba, a suburb north east of Tel Aviv surrounded by orchards and start-ups. Driving north, we experienced the art of Salvador Dali, a delicious Middle Eastern meal, the beautiful Bahai Gardens and a farm bursting at the seams with baby animals. This country of ours is small and it’s precisely that reason that allows us to have so many wonderful and diverse experiences in a day.

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