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Route 66: Israel – A Journey from Past to Future

Route 66: Israel – A Journey from Past to Future

66 years have gone by since that historical moment on May 14th 1948 when David Ben Gurion declared:


Life in Israel is a long journey on the road towards safety, independence and a prosperous life for the Jewish people.


The most famous road trip or Journey in the USA is ‘Route 66′.

The story of American ‘Route 66′ brings forth human values and stories very similar to the events in Israel’s history – geography and hope for the future.

This presentation, created especially for Israel’s 66 Independence Day, will share some of those unique and unknown events…

  • How come both Israeli Route 66 and American Route 66 start in Chicago Illinois?
  • Which road in Israel can be considered the Israeli Mother Road and what has it got to do with a car wreck?
  • What roots does John Steinbeck, author of The Grapes of wrath have in Tel Aviv?
  • “Get your kicks on Route 66″ is a song that inspired many Americans to take the Route 66 road trip. Which Israeli song inspired young Israelis to go on a dangerous journey?
  • Where is “Flagstaff” Israel?!  And why did Mr. Louis invested millions in USD to build over there the most beautiful hotel in Israel?
  • Hope. Freedom. Wanderings. Building of a Nation. Relationships. Solidarity. Nostalgia, are among the values you will find on both a journey to Israel and on what is left of Route 66.

Erez Starsburg (MBA) is a certified Tour Guide with more than 25 years of experience leading people on tours of his homeland. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Israel’s History and Geography, and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources. After serving for 3 years as a community emissary in San Diego California, Mr. Strasburg developed a unique track of modern Tourism he named “Personal Tourism”. Through his boutique tour company ‘Milestones Israel’, he creates personal bridges between people, Israel and Israelis.