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Jewish Holidays Archives - Page 2 of 2 | Milestones Israel

Passover in the Desert

As the holiday of Passover nears, I like to think back on all the seders that we’ve shared together as a family. I always come back to one particular seder a few years ago that was by far the best and most memorable. The entire family, grandparents, babies and everyone in between, headed into the […]

Spring Time in Israel

This is one of my favorite times of the year. The skies are blue and rainy days are becoming fewer and fewer. Yellow blossoms blanket fields all over the country and my sweaters are making plans for their summer hibernation. Can you hibernate during the summer? One of the things I love most though are […]

Happy Chanukah!

Tonight we light the first candle on the Chanukiah. Every year, as this holiday draws near, I take the time to reflect on Chanukah celebrations from my childhood and on the idea of miracles. Growing up in the US, Chanukah was known as the “Jewish Christmas”. It is a much bigger holiday in the diaspora […]

Tour de Tel Aviv

This week, the city that never sleeps became the city that never stops riding. It was an amazing site. Hundreds of bikers of all ages filled the streets of the most hectic city in Israel. All major roads were blocked so we had to park in north Tel Aviv and walk nearly 40 minutes in […]

New Beginnings

On Wednesday evening Jews around the world will be welcoming in a new year surrounded by their loved ones. Rosh Hashanah is an opportunity for new beginnings for all man kind. It gives us comfort to know that we can start anew while remembering the past that brought us to this point. Last week, I had the […]