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September 2011 - Milestones Israel

New Beginnings

On Wednesday evening Jews around the world will be welcoming in a new year surrounded by their loved ones. Rosh Hashanah is an opportunity for new beginnings for all man kind. It gives us comfort to know that we can start anew while remembering the past that brought us to this point. Last week, I had the […]

Creating Life

When I learned that I would be guiding a group of Gynecologists from India, my first goal was to understand the importance of gynecologists in the Indian society. It was clear that the “Personal Tourism aspect” of this tour should be the theme of Creating Life. Israel is an amazing place to experience the full meaning […]

The Dan Dan and Lilach Wildlife Center

Israel is full of hidden gems and this particular one can be found in the northern Negev by the Patish stream. This wildlife center, run by Dan Bolotin and Lilach Levy and their four children, cares for and rehabilitates sick and injured wildlife. While visiting, you could see a large variety of animals, from eagles injured by hunters […]

Israel from J to B

Creativity is the name of the game. One of the moments I like best about my work is when inspiration hits and the idea is suddenly clear; when I know I will be able to connect someone’s story with the land of Israel on a personal level. When the CEO of J&B Software, a US-based […]

Scavenger Hunt in Rosh Pina

A famous Israeli song tells the story of a young solider standing guard on the ancient walls of Jerusalem and thinking to aloud; “Who could believe it that only a few years ago we studied the soldiers that guarded Jerusalem throughout history, and here I am, one of them.” In preparing for Jessica’s Bat-Mitzvah trip, […]

Powerful Women in Jewish History

My father grew up in a small Moshav (agricultural community) with a funny name – Hogla. It was 15 years before I learned of Hogla, an amazing biblical woman and one of 5 granddaughters of a man named Hefer. Hefer gave his name to the green valley where my father played in his childhood but […]

Elvis Spotted near Jerusalem

From the moment they entered my car, it was clear that this couple is in love. After 25 years together and four kids, he still adores her and she still sees the man of her dreams. It was a routine tour in Jerusalem with visits to the Arab market, or shuk, the Old City, and […]

Tell Me Who You Are

On September 3, 2011, 406,000 Israelis peacefully marched through the streets of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa in the name of democracy and social justice. I am a proud Israeli. I take my children to see democracy at its peak. I think the best part of this country are the people who live here. I […]