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June 2012 - Milestones Israel

Running Tel Aviv

Milestones Israel is all about creating a personal connection with Israel. Our goal is to ‘break the aquarium glass of the minibus’ and let visitors get to know the country in a way that is more meaningful to them. It’s been my dream for years to guide someone through Tel Aviv on a running tour. […]

Pay it Forward

This blog is dedicated to a very special family in Kansas City, Kansas. Alvin and Sharon Cohen, this one’s for you! The seed for Milestones Israel was planted exactly 30 years ago, in June of 1982. I was in Overland Park Kansas at the home of Sharon and Alvin Cohen and their 3 children; Brant, […]

Do You Shuffle?

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the first concert of the Shuffle Ensemble’s Israeli tour. This 6-person ensemble is a fun and revolutionary concert experience. The concept is simple. When you’re at the gym, taking a walk in the park or looking for music at work and you can’t make up your mind […]

Hebrew Phrase of the Week - Yom Keif

‘Yom Keif‘ meaning ‘Fun Day’ is one of the best phrases to come out of the Hebrew language. It refers to a day in which only fun (and absolutely no responsibility) is to be had. These days, in my opinion, are the best! Following are instructions on how to organize your own Yom Keif. For […]

Armored Corps Memorial Museum at Latrun

In 1940, the Latrun station was built under the British Mandate in a rural area on the road to Jerusalem. It was constructed as a police station/self-defensible fortress. On May 14, 1948, upon their departure from Israel, the British evacuated Latrun. 4 days later, on May 18th, the Jordanian Legion took control. Five times the […]